Sanjay Jindal
Mental & Emotional Health

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I am Homeopathic physician and counselor. Homeopathy being a holistic medicine require the understanding of patient as a person, his mental-emotional state, not only physical symptoms or the name of disease. That way I am a holistic practitioner working on body through MIND & also NUTRITION. Whaterever is there in the mind reflects through body in the form of disease (disturbed ease) similarly whatever we eat also reflects through body. Understanding a person's mental/emotional state along with Nutritional Counseling can gives a total picture of the disease process reflecting through body and then the disease process can be uprooted with the help of Counseling and Homeopathic/Flower medicines along with Nutritional advise and some Naturopathic management. Overall a person require DETOXIFICATION at the level of Mind and Body and some Nutritional Balance to get complete cure.

Homeopathic Physician
Homeopathic Physician

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